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Expat Country and City Guides

Paguro expatriate guides are ready for you to browse and check. Any update, correction, addition needed? Any particular location you would like to add to the list? Contact

Hong KongChina SAR - Hong Kong

Denmark Denmark - Copenhagen

France France -  ParisSophia Antipolis

GermanyGermany - Munich

KuwaitKuwait - Kuwait City 

MexicoMexico   Mexico City

Norway Norway -Oslo

Singapore Singapore

 Sweden Sweden - Stockholm

United States of America  United States - Houston

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Community: Paguro BuZz

This is the country any expat belongs to, without any need for a passport. We learn the ways of many people, discover new languages and culture widening our and other people horizons. We travel the world and bridge gaps between cultures and create a new one along the way: the culture of the world as a constellation of modes, habits and traditions collected from many places. We move around the world, but we move the world with us. Explore it with us.

Paguro WorldPaguro BuZz your place and your space to share stories, articles, events and news with other expats.


Expat Services

Anyone moving abroad realizes quickly how many assistance they will need to cover new needs associated with the relocation, from expattriate tax service to relocation services, from international schools to expat mortgages, from learning language to to expat travel insurance,  from expat car insurance to working abroad.

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