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The Benefits of Personal Branding

As mentioned in the introduction to this section, personal branding is the process of clarifying and communicating your unique and differentiating qualities, skills and experience in a compelling way in order to achieve your professional or business goals. It helps you educate your target employers or market about your real value and stand out from your competitors in global marketplace.

But the benefits of personal branding do not stop there.  For those who choose to leverage the power of their personal brand, additional benefits include:

• Increase your confidence by understanding yourself better

• Create a clear focus for your business or career

• Save time and energy by selecting goals aligned with your unique value – and reach them faster

• Improving your ability to powerfully communicate what you offer to employers or clients

• Increase your visibility and presence on- and offline

• Attract the clients or employers who you are meant to work with and will truly benefit from your value, approach and expertise

• Increase your income – specialized expertise warrants higher fees

• Thrive during economic downturns
: Make a list of all of the ways that leveraging your personal brand could help you improve your professional life.  Make a list of the reasons why it does not make sense to look at clarifying and building your personal brand. In comparing your two lists, what is the next step you can take towards a more fulfilling professional life abroad?