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The challenge of Global Grandparenting

A survey on Global parenting. Your input will go towards the creation of the book "How to be a Global Grandparent".

When a family decides to move abroad  there are cascading effects that involve the extended family. As the grandfather of "global nomads" I have had my share of live and learn experiences which prompted me to seek the bigger picture and this is how the idea of a book about Global Grandparenting was born.

To get the bigger picture we call on all Global Grandparents around the world their contribution by filling in the questionnaire created by Global Grannies that can be downloaded below.

Your answers will all help us obtain a wealth of experiences that will be incorporated in the book How to be a Global Grandparent (below you can read an outline of the book) and enable it to be of practical help and guidance to intending, or even existing, global grandparents.

The questions cover various aspects such as the way people communicate between members of their family, how they manage to bond with the grandchildren at a distance and they decide on the length and frequency of their visits.

One of the things we are especially interested in is experiences, both good and bad, for the section called Travellers Tales. If you wish to remain anonymous there is no problem. Even photographs of the whole family when together on one of their visits to faraway places would be acceptable. Names will only be used if specific permission is given by whoever completes the questionnaire.

For your convenience we have posted the questionnaire on the web click here if you wish to access it, otherwise please find the document in word attached below.

More questions? Do no hesitate to contact me.

Wishing all the best to Grandparents of global nomads worldwide

Kindly yours

Peter Gosling