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How to be a Global Grandparent - Book outline

"How to be a Global Grandparent" book outline. The book is planned for publication in 2008.

How to be a Global Grandparent - the book outline

Being a good grandparent when your grandchildren are several thousand miles away is not easy. You have to realise that when your children left home to live and work abroad your life changes for ever. This does not mean that in any way your role as a grandparent is going to be down-graded. Far from it. If you work at it, you will find that new worlds will, literally, be opened up for you and you will have the opportunity to visit countries that you would never in a thousand years have considered travelling to.

You must be prepared to examine new ways of talking to the family and you will find that you are likely to come to terms with the world of electronic communication. With luck, you may even find it fun to be able not only to talk to your children in Australia but see them at the same time. The world, as they say, is your oyster. The book in the make will explain all the options available to enable you to stay in touch both easily and cheaply.

Are you a low maintenance visitor?

Other problems will also engage you, particularly that first visit out there to see them all in their new home. Another chapter featured in the book is titled not by chance Are you a low maintenance or a high maintenance visitor? and will contain the rules that will enable you to get the best out of your visit and ensure that you will be invited out again.

Another chapter suggests how you can cope with their visits back to you and the problems these visits create. Remember that they are not coming home just to see you. They will need to see their friends as well and you will be left literally holding the baby - so be prepared!

These and many other aspects of coming to terms with being a global parent and grandparent are covered. Having got used to the idea and learnt the rules of the game you will find that you will have much to enjoy and experience from being part of a global family.