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Expats Share their Own Stories

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Experiences, initiatives, successes and failures; stories of expatriates who wanted to strive to maintain a professional committment, while embracing a life on the move.

Professional research and advice about the options for expatriate careers.


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A global dinner network for women
Interview with Tanja Lindermeier, founder of Global Dinner Netwok website Be inspired. Be yourself
Dual career... no pain no gain!
A first hand experience of what works best for an expatriate in search of a job in a new town, as well as making you aware of the need to negotiate the terms with the company relocating your partner, when there is a double career expectation!
Expat AND entrepreneur... is it possible?
The entrepreneurial adventures of Wendy Kohler Boothman, creator of "" as she describes them. The highs and lows of setting up businesses as a foreigner. A true vademecum for anyone willing to get into business.
Expérience Algeriénne
Florence shares her life and work experience in Algeria.
From Hairdresser to Coiffeuse... an English Expat in France
Sandra started her career as a hair dresser in her native England and then decided she wanted to try her hand in France. There were a few snips and snags along the way but eventually she made her way through the system and opened her very own salon in the west suburbs of Paris. For anyone wishing to consider starting a business abroad, here is her story.
Letting me be: how motherhood brought out my true nature
Are you making the most of your life? A question that makes most of us pause and contemplate whether we are, in fact, making our lives the best they can be or whether we are mindlessly caught up in the repetitive motions of our daily family routines. Or, whether we are hiding from ourselves and the big world out there. Elizabeth Kruempelmann, author of "The Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career", shares her personal experience.
Newcomers Network
In a nutshell, how the challenges of relocating to a new place can lead to new opportunities as seen by Sue Vitnell, Founders of Newcomers Network in Melbourne.
Penny the pencil
Eileen O'Hely was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1972. After spending the whole of the nineties at university, studying languages and astrophysics, she decided she'd had enough and went to work in the computer industry. Ostensibly employed as a technical writer, Eileen soon found that the satirical observations of her workmates which she posted on her Icky Picky of the Day mailing list were far more fun to write and reached a far wider and more appreciative audience than that of her technical manuals. So she quit her job, moved to Europe, and spent the next two years sight-seeing in summer, pretending to snowboard in winter, and writing in her spare moments. Eileen currently lives in Turin, Italy with her husband Glenn and their collection of fluffy animals." Paguro is proud to advertise her latest achievement, the children book "Penny the Pencil".
Portable Professions
Rebecca Law explores the traps and secret passageway of the professional life of a trailing spouse.
Problems and Solutions
Jo Parfitt is an expatriate partner, who has lived and worked overseas for almost 20 years, in five different countries. She makes her living from writing, speaking and teaching about what she has learned along the way. In her article Jo reports on the progress and hindrance a spouse faces when expatriating.
Record number of countries delegates to 2006 Global Summit of Women in Cairo is "Linking BusinessWomen Worldwide" and the latest summit has recorded the highest number of countries participating. Read about the partnering of governments with businesses to improve women's economic lives and the initiatives announced at the summit.
Research on expatriate assignment
Twist and turn of an expatriate life that eventually have led to a portable profession. Marion Weston explains how she did it and asks you to contribute your own experience.
Trailing spouse? I would like to be a fulfilled spouse more!
Claudia shares her experience as a trailing spouse across many countries and continents, touching the delicate issue of self-esteem and gratification of expat women who choose to leave career behind for their family’s sake. We wish her story might be an inspiration to overcome the sense of “unworthiness” some spouse feel for not pursuing a career. Claudia puts back on the map the importance of being there and how capital her contribution is to her family success. Most importantly though is her insights on the importance of the expatriate experience for anyone and how this resulted in the creation of Expatclic.

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