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Penny the pencil

Eileen O'Hely was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1972. After spending the whole of the nineties at university, studying languages and astrophysics, she decided she'd had enough and went to work in the computer industry. Ostensibly employed as a technical writer, Eileen soon found that the satirical observations of her workmates which she posted on her Icky Picky of the Day mailing list were far more fun to write and reached a far wider and more appreciative audience than that of her technical manuals. So she quit her job, moved to Europe, and spent the next two years sight-seeing in summer, pretending to snowboard in winter, and writing in her spare moments. Eileen currently lives in Turin, Italy with her husband Glenn and their collection of fluffy animals." Paguro is proud to advertise her latest achievement, the children book "Penny the Pencil".

Eileen Therese O'Hely has discovered Paguro by chance. Our collaboration dates few years back now. On Paguro, Eileen has shared her knowledge and expertise about life in Germany as an expat. We would like to thank her both for her adventurous spirit (yes, it all started from a virtual encounter!!) and her trust in our vision, despite all the odds we have met and had to overcome with a doggedly determination to succeed, despite all the delays and postponements to have our site up and running.

Yes, it is not easy to conceive a project like Paguro without the support of many different people and Eileen had been not simply one of the first, but one of the best. So, with pleasure - not to mention feeling very proud too! - we present you Eileen latest achievement: "Penny the Pencil", her first published book!!!

You know how much discipline and determination requires not only the writing of a book, but the quest for a publisher. Eileen did all this while living in Germany, yet searching for an english publisher.

We wish her great success and may her example be of inspiration to many other dormant expat talents. May be Eileen next task will be to publish an article with all the tips and tricks she has learnt so far?

For the time being, dear Eileen, a big thank you and best of luck from all Paguro Team!!!

Penny the pencil

by Eileen O'Hely

After a summer spent on dusty bookshop shelves taped on special offer to a dictionary, Penny the Pencil is thrilled to be bought by 8-year-old Ralph the day before school starts. Unlike Penny, Ralph is not looking forward to going back to school. He is a poor student, and an easy target for Bert, the class bully. Penny feels sorry for Ralph, and as her spelling is so good - having been taped to a Dictionary all summer - she manipulates his hand so that he spells correctly and gets full marks on his tests. This behavior is not appreciated by the other residents of Ralph's pencil case, and terrible events ensue.
You can order Penny the Pencil on Amazon now:

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