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Glo'buZz - February/March 2010

Paguro newsletter - Issue # 1 - February/March 2010

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- Families Going Global?
- Globeracers invites Paguro to test a new geomatic game


Interested in working in Australia? Or Canada? Or the UK? touts itself as the world’s most popular immigration website. It is a UK based, but has information about emigrating to 21 countries. Now there is even a calculator new to help you figure out if you are eligible for a work permit! to get a ‘Free Immigration Assessment’ click here 

Heading for the USA and wondering how you are going to make your plane on time?! The Transport Security Administration (TSA) has advice for you, so that your passage through the security lines is as fast as possible. read more

Never travelled before? Wondering exactly what you can take on board?! Here is an up-to-date and exhaustive list of what can and can’t be packed into either carry-on or checked luggage. Something possibly new is that pointed scissors with blades less than four inches long are now allowed! read more
To learn about improvements being promised by many of the main airlines click here


H1N1 Update: Tracey went the other day with her son to a pharmacy and got an H1NI flu shot. Tracey went for two reasons. The first was because her son was returning to college and since he was going to be around all those people (his college is particularly large) it seemed a good idea for him to get one. The second reason was that they were available.She did wonder whether it was a bit late and whether the danger had completely passed us by, but she believes in vaccinations and felt there could be no harm getting one, particularly for her son.

Later that week, whilst at the gym in Houston, Texas, one of the TV stations was giving a report on H1NI. She was shocked to be reminded that 900 people had died in Mexico from this flu strain. That is a lot of people and it set her thinking about the H1NI flu and whether it was really a problem still. How to go about to make an informed decision? Look at the source, in this case the Center for Disease Control is the best one.
Looking up the CDC website is relatively easy and gives one good insight into a whole host of health issues as well as communicable diseases. I took a link to the World Health Organization which reports, “As of 10 January 2010, worldwide more than 208 countries and overseas territories or communities have reported laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1 2009, including at least 13554 deaths.” This means that the death toll in Mexico was indeed significant.
The big concern is the current situation in 2010. Are there still cases being reported? Does this mean that we should still be careful? Is H1NI still out there? The answer is definitely, “Yes”. The WHO report says that H1NI is still prevalent in North Africa, South Asia and East and South Eastern Europe. The activity of the influenza is described as still widespread, but the overall activity is definitely plateau-ing or declining. For countries enjoying their Summer at the moment, there are some cases of H1N1. It is thought the flu is not being spread to other people as much, perhaps because many have built up a small immunity having been in contact with the virus during the winter months.
So, that means that H1N1 is still out there! So you do still need to be careful. Still take the precaution of washing your hands frequently. Step away from coughing and sneezing people and make sure if you are coughing or sneezing that you do so into your elbows, not your hands. Incidents of new flu cases are decreasing, however people are still mostly getting the H1NI strain of the flu, so do get the vaccination if it is available where you live.
To see the whole article click here


The sharing of expat experiences continues, this time round we are learning about Copenhagen and Aberdeen.

Jeremy Henderson compares Denmark to Holland, after relocating to Copenhagen from The Hague. "A lot of people, including some who should know better, confuse Holland and Denmark. At first glance, there are some similarities. Both are small countries in northern Europe, with rather flat topography and a strong bike culture. Both are well known for their cheese. On a more serious level, both have a social democratic style of government, with high taxes, and problems with a strident right wing element. Both have a language with some relation to German, and speakers of one will probably be able to read, more or less, the other - at least at an elementary level.

However, as one gets closer, the similarities get fewer, and the differences become more pronounced... "

Are you thinking that all European countries have the same tolerance for foreigners? Do you believe that everyone loves to hear you attempting their language? Read on to find out about Jeremy Henderson's experiences in Denmark and Holland! read more

Maria Metson shares her view about returning to live in Aberdeen 13 years later.

"What happens then when you find yourself moving back to a city, be it in your home country, or somewhere else you have already lived before? There is a sense of comfort from the fact that you have already completed the steep side of the learning curve and should be able to fit back in where you had left off..." read more

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Paul Allen's Should I Stay Or Should I Go? The Truth About Moving Abroad And Whether It's Right For You is a new book about the ins and outs of expatriation. It includes sound advice about what are the most important issues, when considering a move abroad. Read the full review


An expat yourself? Need a fresh take on being in a foreign place? Try blogging. I am sure there are people out there in a similar situation who might just have cracked the problem that is getting you down!

Toni Hargis, a Brit living in the United States has a blog sharing her daily experiences, see The author of a great book, Britannia, Rules An Insider's Guide to Life in the United Kingdom, Toni also shares a blog with Mike Harling. The fun of this blog is that Mike lives in England, but comes from the States and Toni is English, but lives in America. They like to give their particular take about various issues. Try it at!

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Bank Holidays- February/March  


Nauru – February 1, Independence Day
Russian Federation – February 1, National Day
Sri Lanka – February 4, Independence Day
New Zealand – February 6, Waitangi Day
Sapmi (Lapland) – February 6, National Day
Grenada – February 8, Independence Day
Japan – February 11, Founding of the Nation Day
Serbia – February 15, Serbia National Day
Lithuania – February 16, Independence Day
Kosovo – February 17, Independence Day
Mayanmar – February 20, Chin National Day
Brunei Darussalam – February 23, Independence Day
Guyana – February 23, Republic Day
Estonia – February 24, Independence Day
Kuwait – February 25, National Day
Dominican Republic – February 27, Independence Day


Norfolk Island – March 6, Foundation Day
Bulgaria – March 3, Liberation Day
Ghana – March 8, Independence Day
Syrian Arab Republic – March 8, Revolution Day
Mauritius - March 12, National Day
Ireland – March 17, St Patrick’s Day
Aruba – March 18, National Anthem and Flag Day
Tunisia – March 20, Independence Day
Namibia - March 22, Independence Day
Greece – March 25, Independence Day
Bangladesh – March 26, Independence Day 

Itching with curiosity about bank holidays around the world? Check this site

Families going Global?

Change the way you live and move abroad. Families Going Global? is a new workshop created by Paguro, which is aimed at families and individuals to ensure a company’s expatriation programme is a success. Participants will attend workshops and receive coaching to help them make their move abroad a happy and smooth transition for everyone. Families Going Global? tailor makes each workshop to fit the particular needs of the attendees, ensuring that they are prepared for the challenges of moving to another country. Read more

Globeracers invites Paguro

Expatriates and the globe are one and all, this is why as creators of Globeracers we thought Paguro users would be the perfect group to help us testing our game, so if you are interested ask to be added to list.

What is Globeracers ? It is an online geomatic webgame currently in beta testing, whose purpose is to have a virtual race across the world using any means of transportation, on foot, by car, bike, sail, motor boat... read more



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