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Glo'buZz - April/May 2010

Paguro Newsletter - issue # 2 April/May 2010

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Global English: Learning english on the go, Paguro makes it easy and affordable for you, wherever you are, thanks to GlobalEnglish
- My truth about living in... (Beijing, Houston)
- Expat survival guide
- Expat-run businesses
- Book Review
- Expat run Business (New!)


 If you and your family travel often to and from  the UK or the USA , you might find useful enrolling in any of these programs to reduce  time clearing customs:

GLOBAL ENTRY USA  - A pilot program managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection which allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers expedited clearance upon arrival into the United States in some of the main airports in the country. Although this program is intended for “frequent travelers” who make several international trips per year, there is no minimum number of trips an applicant must make in order to qualify. To learn more and have a list of participating airports click here

IRIS PROGRAM UK -  A means of border control that allows registered passengers to enter the UK quickly through automated barriers at certain airports. It makes use of the fact that the pattern of the iris in each person's eye (the coloured part of the eye) is unique. This makes it possible for a person to be identified simply by looking into a special camera. To learn more click here


After a period of heightened risks, this seems to be a period of relative calm. The most active areas of pandemic influenza transmission continue to be in Southeast Asia and West Africa. Limited data suggests that pandemic influenza activity may be increasing across parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Low levels of pandemic influenza virus continue to circulate across southern and south-eastern Europe and in East, West, and South Asia. Although pandemic influenza virus continues to be the predominant influenza virus circulating worldwide, seasonal influenza B viruses are predominant in East Asia, and have been detected at low levels across southeast Asia and eastern Africa.

To learn about recent outbreak in your travel destination, the Center for Disease Control keeps a constant update, to learn more click here.

The World Health Organization also posts regularly news of diseases outbreak on the Global Alert and Response page. To learn more click here


At Paguro we recognize the importance of being able to communicate with each other and English - to a large extent - is the language of expatriation. We encourage everyone embracing the expat life, to become familiar with English even before venturing outside their home country.

Paguro is proud to introduce you to GlobalEnglish, the highly effective on-demand solution used by many of the 500Fortune companies, that helps people improve their ability to communicate effectively in English and enables them to succeed in the global marketplace and in the expatriate world.

Thanks to GlobalEnglish learning English is now easier than ever. We are pleased to offer all Paguro users the innovative GlobalEnglish Learning Service, the leading online English language learning and support service in the world at a special discounted price!
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The sharing of expat experiences continues, this time round we are learning about how Patricia, who landed in Houston with a medical degree and lots of hopes to continue her profession found herself on a completely unexpected, yet rewarding "alternative" path. Learn more

Oliver's move to Bejing dispelles a lot of miths about living in the capital of China. Learn more

Expat-Run Businesses

We are happy to promote expat-run businesses and keep you posted about your peers entrepreneurship and initiatives. This issue we introduce to you Landing Home Anywhere, a relocation & coaching in Paris, founded and driven by expats for expats. The newly founded company has launched its website in English as well as Spanish, French and Italian, to be in step with the multi-lingual expatriate community. Take advantage of the experience and dynamism of LHA team to jump into the expatriation adventure in full confidence and ensure its success in time:

Français - Relocation et coaching à Paris avec LANDING HOME ANYWHERE fondée et animée par des expatriés pour les expatriés. Profitez de l’expérience et du dynamisme de LHA équipe pour vous lancer en confiance dans l’aventure de l’expatriation et en assurer sa réussite dans la durée.

Español - Relocación y coaching en Paris con LANDING HOME ANYWHERE creada y animada por y para expatriados. Aprovechen de la experienza y del dinamismo de LHA equipo para hecharos en la aventura de la expatriación con total confianza y asegurar su exito en el tiempo.


Temporary Accommodation - One of the first step when relocating abroad is to secure a place to stay, if only temporarily. Planning in advance is paramount to avoid ending up in the wrong side of town or in an unpleasant place, especially if you travel with kids and/or pets. Armed with the right information looking for temporary housing is easy. If you are on the move you'll be better off reading Paguro's article on temporary housing. To learn more click here

Divorce Abroad - Life as an expat is full of surprises and challenges for every member of the family. In general all eventually slip into a nice routine, but sometimes a couple relationship can suffer set back so serious to end up in a divorce in a foreign country. Out of curiosity or out of need you might wish to know what lays ahead, because it is important to have a clear idea of what getting a divorce abroad entails and how it can affect you and your children. Paguro has pieced together a collection of useful information. Read more

PAGURO BuZzWhere expatriates come together to share articles, news, opinions, events, post ads and much more

  • About to shed your skin before moving to other shores? Buy sell exchange forum on Paguro BuZz is there for you. 
  • Searching for answers to your most perplexing questions about living abroad? Take advantage of the forums. Share your experiences and opinions too. 
  • Trying to keep up with the Jones, Changs, O'Briens, Fernandez, Jensens, Dubois, Lis, and the Papadopoluous? Let us help. Each Paguro member has a personal web-space - my paguro, to publish writing, news, article, images and decide who to share them with (few friends or the world).

Not a member yet? Get hold of your personal shell, the one that will keep growing and never needs to be left behind... join Paguro now!

Bank Holidays- April/May  

Be prepared, find out about holidays or events that migth interfere with your travel plans prior arranging your trip to the city your intend to traveling. To learn about holidays in any country around the globe check this site


A Broad Abroad: The Expat Wife's Guide to Successful Living Abroad by Robin Pascoe.
Although set in a guide format it is mostly written as a personal account of the relocating experience of a canadian journalist turned trailing spouse. Well documented are the author's predicaments when facing first hand the stark contrast between the "developed" world she comes from and the developing countries she has lived in. Irreverent and witty, it might not appeal to everyone in its entirety, but there are sounds advices and warnings on universal themes related to expatriation. A useful read.

Athena Moves to a New Place - Which Also Takes Her on an Inner Journey by Karstein Bjastad. The book, an illustrated children's book aimed at the 8-12 year old age group, focus on the connection with your inner wisdom and guidance. This book has not been published yet, it is awaiting to be voted by users like you to make it into a published work. To learn more about this program click here . To vote for Karstein click here

About the book: Athena, the main character in the book, is finding her recent move to a new place a daunting experience. But she draws great comfort from a strong ability to go within and connect with wisdom and guidance. Her comfort is however somewhat overshadowed by her increasing realization that people can not relate to this ability of hers. But she soon becomes more at peace with it as she develops a friendship with a girl who comes to understand her. And it culminates in Athena being given the opportunity to teach her friend how to also connect with this inner wisdom and guidance.

About the author: Karstein, a scandinavian, worked 11 years for an American bank in the City of London, the last 5 of which as a Vice President. In March 2004 he left his job and became a stay-at-home dad. He says: "My inner and outer world have changed considerably since leaving my job. In October 2008 my family and I moved from London to Katy, just outside Houston, Texas and we really enjoy our life here. Some years ago, while I was still working in the City of London, I got a strong sense that some day I was going to write a book"... this is now a reality."


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