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Time is ticking and you need to get ready to leave the country, here is a schedule for the last few weeks that could help setting the priorities.
  • Dispose of toxic or flammable items that can't be moved.
  • Drain the gas and oil from gas-powered tools, such as lawn mowers and snowblowers; moving company will not accept shipping them if they are full. 
  • Ensure you have a forwarding address and find a safe way of having your mail taken care of, handled and forwarded while you are in transit.
  • Double check, to make sure arrangements have been made to disconnect and service your major appliances being moved.
  • Pack your "handcarried luggage" of necessary items that should go in your car/plane and not the shipment  like:
    - passports
    - visa
    - Cash (in the right currency)
    - Checkbook
    - Credit cards or travelers checks
    - First aid kit
    - Keys (old and new house)
    - Medications
    - Mobile phone (check international coverage)
    - Toiletries
    - Toilet paper/tissues
    - Towels
    - Passports and ID papers
    - Pet food (if moving by car)
    - Snacks
    - Spare glasses or contact lenses (ans lense solution)
    - Travel alarm clocks
    - Baby or child care items
    - Toys and activities for children
    - Travel itinerary
    - Water

    (see also "Hand carried luggage")
  • If you have young children, arrange for a baby-sitter to look after them on moving day. Since you'll have your hands full, the extra attention from a sitter will distract the child's attention from the turmoil of a move.  Also arrange for a baby-sitter to be available when you arrive at your new home with young children.
  • Pack your own suitcase of clothes for the move and keep it clearly out of the way of the packing crew!
  • Pay all outstanding bills and make sure the utilities company have received the disconnecting order.
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