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Time is ticking and you need to get ready to leave the country, here is a schedule for the last few weeks that could help setting the priorities.
  • If you are not planning to bring your car, cancel your insurance and ask an insurance claim record.
  • Make arrangements for your pets, find them a home if you cannot take them with you and bring them there, review the travelling arrangements and paperwork needed if they are travelling with you (contact vet for vaccination record, check the requirement for bringing a pet in the new country, some would require a microchip to be placed on your pet).
  • Find a new home for your potted plants, you cannot take them abroad.
  • Contact your bank and request sufficient cash in the currency of the country you are moving to or order traveler checks.
  • If on any special medical treatment make sure you have a month worth of medication and enquire what is the name of the drugs you are taking abroad. Doctors can find out the commercial name of medication based on the active principle of the drug.
  • Cancel any delivery services such as newspapers, magazines or food delivery.
  • Have your vehicle inspected and serviced if you're traveling by car.
  • Make a thorough check of your house and remove anything hidden in secret places, like valuables and spare house keys.
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