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Time is ticking and you need to get ready to leave the country, here is a schedule for the last few weeks that could help setting the priorities.
  • Take inventory of your household goods (refer to "Inventory list" to have a guideline on how to proceed).
    Have two list: one for items to be shipped and another one for items to be placed in storage.
  • Make sure you have any relevant document updated (passport, driver's license, vaccinations records etc. Please refer to "documents to be updated" list for a complete list).
  • If you are planning to export your car make sure you have set up arrangements. The moving company might be able to ship your vehicle together with your household goods, but it might not be possible.
  • Enquire about the car insurance, if not necessary define the date to cancel the current one.
  • Contact your doctors, dentist and veterinarian, and ask for copies of medical records, also if you have it give them the new address.
  • Contact your children's schools, and arrange for records to be forwarded to the new school (refer to the "Education file" for a thorough listing of the documents to request prior leaving).
  • If you own anything valuable that is kept in a safety box, make arrangements to transfer them safely.
  • If you are considering having a garage sale do not postpone it, hold a garage sale now.
  • Do not leave behind the local phone books, they might be useful to get in touch with people or services from overseas.
    Book or confirm flights, hotel, rental cars and make the final personal travel arrangements for your trip.
  • Start going through the freezer and plan carefully meals and food purchases so to have as little as possible in the freezer or refrigerator by the time the moving crew arrives (unless you do not need to take them with you).
  • If possible organize to have your new home cleaned and, if necessary treated for pest control, it is better to have it done few days prior moving in.
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