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Time is ticking and you need to get ready to leave the country, here is a schedule for the last few weeks that could help setting the priorities.
  • Here is a short list of contacts that need to be notified of your new address(please refer to "People and services to inform of the move" for a complete list):
    - Banks/credit unions and finance institutions (wherever you have accounts, loans or investments, credit cards,  pension schemes, stocks and shares)
    - Colleagues and business connections
    - Family and friends
    - Health clinic, hospital, doctor, dentist
    - Insurance companies (car, home, property, life, health, etc)
    - Landscaping and garden services
    - Maintenance and housekeeping services (heating/AC, pest control)
    - Neighbours
    - New tenant or owner of the house you will be leaving
    - Newspapers and magazines (cancel any subscriptions)
    - Post office (for redirection of mail, in some country the postal service may offers a kit to simplify the process)
    - School, college, kindergarten
    - Sport clubs, associations and organizations you are a member of
    - Utilities and public - Verify what is needed to arrange to disconnect service (gas, water, electricity, garbage) and schedule the disconnection on the day after your move. You'll want to have utilities on while you're still in the house.
    - Tax office
    - Other services : verify what is needed to disconnect the service and schedule the disconnetion (including cable TV, satellite, Internet, mobile phone,  land line telephone, cable TV)) Check if you are able to use your mobile phone in the country you are moving to, it might be useful (and probably expensive too!) to have a phone with you at the beginning in the new country until your phone service is set up, if not contact the company to cancel the service. 
  • Also, make sure you update and keep copies of all your medical records, school, social security, tax and financial documentation, as well as your driver's license, auto registration and insurance records (these might be useful to receive a lower premium on a new insurance contract).
  • If you already have an accomodation in the new country and is possible to establish contract with the local utilities company from abroad, call them to ask for service to start the day before your move, so that you have at least the basic (water, electricity, gas) when you arrive in your new home.
  • If you are planning to bring major appliances, arrange a time with the moving company to disconnect and service them few days prior the packing date (or contact a technician to do it, if the moving company does not provide the service). On the delivering end arrange for a technician, if necessary (in some country, for example, gas cooker may only be connected by state approved technicians), to install fixtures upon their arrival at your new home.
    - Air Conditioners: some sealed units should be bolted down (check with authorized dealer, if it is possible if not refer to a service technician)
    - Dryers: some motors may need to be checked and secured (verify, if possible, with the authorized dealer)
    - Freezers and refrigerators: the motor(s) may have to be bolted down before moving. Do not plug it in at the new home until it has been unbolted.
    - Gas stoves: must be disconnected prior to removal by the packing company. Be sure gas lines are shut tightly and capped.
    - Electric stove: electric ranges, removable coils (and all other removable parts) must be packed separately.
    - Washing Machines: check and secure motor  (if necessary), tumbler action protected and fastened in place. Remember to have it un-bolted on the other end prior use.
  • At this time you should complete any repair work on your old home, if you already have arranged for your permanent accomodation on the other end you can have any repair, improvement or pest control treatment done done while you are not there (if you can trust someone to do the job properly), so they are completed by the time you and your shipment arrive.
  • If you wish to sell some items prior moving you have the option of advertising groups or association about the list of item to sell (you can post itthrough the school, associations, internal company websites or, now, through Paguro!) or you can plan to have a garage sale. If you choose to have a garage sale for any unwanted item, make sure to set the date no later than a week prior the move. In some countries, a garage sale is more appealing if you can combine iit with neighbours in a "giant" sale.
    If you do not wish to sell any item, but still wish not to take them with you, make arrangements for your chosen charity to come and pick them up.
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