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First step for a succsessful expatriation is the attitude. In our Happy Expat Bible Decalogue we have collected the wisdom of many expatriates and distilled it in 10 meaningful commandments.

There are a lot hard won insights in each one of them, do treasure their value and remember them when everything around you seems to be spinning out of your control.

The Happy Expat Bible Decalogue
First commandment  
You shall have a sense of humour
Second commandment  
You shall have a positive attitude 
to ensure survival abroad 
for you and your dearest 
Third commandment 
You shall not place 
any culture above any other
Fourth commandment 
You shall pursue the doing 
rather than the thinking, 
and forget perfection
Fifth commandment  
You shall keep you brain 
on "learning mode" 
and a smile to go with it
Sixth commandment 
You shall share the good times, 
but the bad ones too!
Seventh commandment 
You shall not let your fears drive you, 
but let them insight you.
Eight Commandment 
You shall discern between 
gut instinct and emotions. 
Follow the instinct, beware of the emotions.
Ninth Commandment  
You shall treasure the past 
but live face forward into the future

Tenth commandment 
You shall be part of a community, 
wherever you go