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Working Abroad

How to maximize the opportunities when moving overseas and seeking jok opportunities




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You moved overseas following your spouse's career opportunities and you left behind your own. The settling in period is now behind you, the kids are happy in school and you now wonder... what about me?

Couples that do take the overseas route show an incredible commitment to the family, as it is common to have one of the partners following a career path while the other partner tags along. Solutions are needed as this set-up could become a source of unhappiness and distress for the family and ultimately cut short an expatriation.

Many spouses find the loss of their professional image due to a relocation overseas the hardest obstacle to overcome, when trying to make their expatriation a success. Expatriates by sharing their work experiences and their solutions to trailing spouse issues inspire others to follow suit. 

Also, teenagers can access opportunities for work experiences and summer jobs that will bring value for the future career.

Being abroad has a strong potential to turn into a bonus, but the ability to seize that opportunity requires you to have the right attitude and you to have done your homework.

At Paguro, we value the potential of the expatriate community and strive to provide you with opportunites and inspiration to realize that potential.  

We hope that Working Abroad is one of the solutions that will help you achieve your professional goals, faster!

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