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Moving Abroad with Seniors

Moving abroad is stressful for all, but even more so for elderly people. How can you minimize this stress?

If moving abroad with a person of age, please make sure to avoid all eventualities. We have listed a few things you should remember before moving to another country with an elderly person.

  • Is the person willing to go?
  • Does he/she have any illnesses which needs to be taken care of  regularly, will this be possible in the country you are moving to?
  • Are medicines this person needs, available in the country you are moving to?
  • Is a new language to be learned, if so, will the senior be able to still learn it?
  • Once you are in the new environment, make sure the senior will join a club
    or association where she/he finds people which speak the same language or maybe even share the same hobbies. This will help settling in more quickly and takes some of the stress of isolation away.

You can find all information regarding those clubs and associations in the respective pages of the cities guide of Paguro, as well as, where available, information on health care or assisted housing, that can make moving easier for senior family members.

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