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Services and people to inform of the move

Useful list of people and services to inform of the move and few other useful tips

Remember to let everybody know your new address!

This might be difficult, as we know there will be a period during which you might be in a temporary accommodation waiting to find out where your new permanent address will be. The options would be to use:

- the office address in the new location;
- a friend in the new location who might be willing to receive your mail;
- a friend in the old location who will in the interim receive your mail and forward it to you when you will have an address;
- a p.o. box (not always an available option everywhere, nor easy to set up prior to departure);
- use a forwarding postal service with an on-hold possibility (lots of business are trying to fill this market niche lately);

For friends and family would be sufficient to have an email address, so in case you have an email address tied to your internet provider (which means you will lose it once you discontinue your subcription, together with all the email addresses ), make sure to create prior your departure an email account that will continue on. Many free options there (googlemail, hotmail, yahoo etc.) that will allow you to access your mail from wherever you are... well, almost! In some countries access to internet is heavily regulated and some website banned, so check what the situation in the country you are moving to and plan your email account accordingly.

Here is a list of services and people you should inform:

  • Banks/credit unions and finance institutions (wherever you have accounts, loans or investments, as well as pension schemes)
  • Colleagues and business connections
  • Embassy or consulate
  • Family and friends
  • Health clinic, hospital, doctor, dentist, vet
  • Insurance companies
  • National register
  • Neighbours, landlord, as well as the new tenant of the house you lived in
  • Newspapers and magazines (subscriptions)
  • Post office (for redirection of mail)
  • School, college
  • Sport clubs, associations and organisations you are a member of
  • Utilities and public services (water, garbage, gas, electricity, etc)
  • Tax office
  • Telephone company (including mobile and Internet)
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