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A List of Items You Must Carry for Pets

Travelling with pets to a foreign country can be a little tricky, so benefit from a little experience and find here some useful suggestions.

You can travel with your pet  to a new country by using various means of transportation, eg. plane, boat or car. Whatever your choice, here are a few items it would be better not place in storage, but have at hand:

  • Vaccination and other veterinarian reports, most importantly the rabies certificate
  • ID tag -  You may consider to have a permanent identification such as a tattoo or a microchip under the pet’s skin, which in some countries is compulsory.
  • Leash and Collar
  • Medication, if needed
  • Blanket / Bedding 
  • Toys, chew bones, treats whatever your pet likes most
  • A water container (if the pet is travelling with or without you, have fresh water available)
  • Some food (not too much, while travelling, pets usually do not need to be fed, it might be better to put them on a little diet for the length of the trip)
  • Paper towels, plastic bags for clean up, depending on the pet (if you have a fish for example, this does not apply. You would not believe it, but we have first hand knowledge of fish boarding planes to move overseas with their owner. We could not help the pun of fish moving "over-seas"!)
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