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Health and safety check list

Health and safety are probably the most important subjects you or a family will have to consider when facing a move to a new location or repatriating following a career or a life spent overseas.

Health issues
The key objective here is to find the most appropriate advance information prior to your move. This is often the most challenging situation as moves or transfers usually take place within a very tight time-frame. When correctly managed, these issues can reduce the risk factor of an entire assignment. This is where Paguro steps in, providing information that takes the surprise element out of Health topics at your new destination.

The Paguro Team is  all expatriates who regard health issues with as much importance as you do. Thus by managing your expectations we provide you with the ability to find answers to critical questions such as:

What is the Health system like where we are moving to?
Is the system public / state-run or private?
Can I get medicines in the country?
Will they be branded or labeled as I know them?
Can I have a baby there?

So, where can you find the answers?
Choose your intended Location, select Health and Safety from the Topics and find out what you as an expatriate need to know to prepare Health-wise for your move.

Safety issues
Paguro places the safety of its members as the ultimate consideration in expatriation and seeks to cover all relevant aspects in each of the locations you have access to. An appropriate and wide ranging subject matter is included providing answers to diverse questions such as:

Is personal and household insurance available?
Are smoke detectors fitted as standard in apartments and if not....
Can I buy smoke detectors for the home?
Is it necessary to have a personal defensive strategy?
Are car seats for children available?
Is it safe to walk round the city by oneself?

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