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Calling Abroad

Keep these important numbers available to allow you to call abroad.

When calling abroad from a destination, you need to know the prefixes that have to be dialled before the telepone number.
All international calls will need to have a specific prefix as follows:

- IDD (International Direct Dialing) prefix (necessary). Attention here, some countries have more than one IDD, each long distance carrier has a specific one, and to make matters more complicated IDD in many countries may change.

- Country Code prefix (necessary)

- NDD (National Direct Dialing) prefix.(not always present)
The NDD prefix is the access code used to make a call WITHIN that country from one city (or area) to another.  The NDD is followed by the city/area code for the place you are calling. In general this is the zero (0) in front of the city (or area) code. When calling from OUTSIDE the country, the NDD is in most cases not dialled after dialing the country code (though Italy for example is one of the rare exceptions). e.g. 0121 4................ When dialling France, this would become 0033121 4........ (i.e. omitting the 0).

When dialing from WITHIN that country, the NDD is dialled in front of the area code, without the country code. e.g. in France you dial 01...., however in Kuwait, because the entire State encompasses the country, there are no prefixes necessary.

- city or area code

The phone numbers in Paguro are always represented without any IDD but a plus (+) to signify that you have to add the appropriate IDD based on what country you are calling from,  the country code in bold, the national direct dialling in parenthesis  (NDD) followed by the area code and then the Telephone number

When in brackets the NDD should NOT be dialled when calling from OUTSIDE the country, but MUST be used to call when dialling within the country.