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Going Global?

"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. 
Knowing is not enough; we must apply. 
Being willing is not enough; we must do." 

Leonardo da Vinci 


Your company is global or going global and you need to ensure that HR processes reflect that it is also thinking and acting globally.

The cost-benefit ratio of serving a small pool of expatriates is high, but company's investment in expatriates is often the key to future business success. 

HR objectives are to reduce risks and costs associated with any organizations' expansion strategy, while securing the right processes for achieving success. 

Expatriation and repatriation policies represent a delicate area which touches many aspects of corporate HR processes but, inevitably, overflows into people's personal lives with issues such as dual career and family well-being entering in the equation. 

Corporate support has to be perceived as such by families and not lived as an unnecessary intrusion in families private matters. It is important to define the ethical responsibilities of companies towards expatriate families, as well as realizing where to draw the line.

Where is your company at regarding expatriation HR practices? 

If you are ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone to identify the weaknesses of your company's approach to expatriation, this workshop is designed for you.

Patrizia Figoli and Karin Censi have developed an interactive workshop which aims to make you aware, through case-scenarios, of which areas in your HR expatriate practices need a second thought, a more focused attention or a thorough revision. Patrizia will also bring to the table innovative ideas to approach and resolve family-related issues.

The workshops will revolve around the topics:
- expatriation/repatriation policies and the corporate "attitude and philosophy: are they barrier to entry for expats? 

- the family factor and the importance of communication, have you got all the pieces?

- the soft side of expatriation: right attitude, cultural awareness, language skills are they in place and delivered at the right time to be effective?

- the unexpected events which can spell disaster for a business expanding overseas, how crucial it is to account for them and which tools need to be in place to be prepared to manage crisis. Are you ready?

Target audience and objectives

The workshop is directed to HR professional and Expat coaches.

The scope of the workshop is, through case scenarios and by exchanging best practices, to:
- evaluate the level of preparedness to successfully expatriate personnel and their families
- create awareness on the hidden demands of expatriation brought about by families and to measure how the family well-being can determine the success of an expatriation
- establish processes to monitor the value of HR support tools to expatriates

HR workshop are designed to help assess the expatriation policy and identify the weak links associated with family relocations to make the relocation process more cost-effective and with a higher success rate by addressing the soft issues too often shaken off as out of scope or ignored by companies.

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