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Families Going Global?

Paguro promotes its Expat Families Coaching Program, whose objective is to prime everyone involved in the move abroad for a successful expatriation.

Unlike cross-cultural training which prepares for the cultural shock in a new country, our Families Coaching Program is designed to prepare families specifically for their challenges of expatriation and to arrive on site with a positive practical approach and a working plan.

Workshops for individuals and families

Paguro organizes cross-companies workshops to ensure that any company, no matter the size of their expatriates contingent can have access to this service.

Upon demand we can also tailor the workshop to suit your company specific needs and the personal requirements of your familes.

The first step of the preparation process begins with our Expatriate Awareness Assessment. The assessment of how prepared a family is to move and live abroad is rarely done by companies. Concentrating on the employee’s professional and practical aspects is far easier than to enter into the more private family sphere.
So why do it?
Because if you are able to identify aspirations, expectations and concerns for each member, ensure they have the tools to manage their transition, maintain a team spirit instead of drifting apart, then you are well on your way to ensure for your company a successful expatriation.
Paguro has chosen to focus on the trailing partner, having determined that the parent at home is the cogwheel for a successful relocation abroad. It is a given that he/she will be the one who will interact most actively in a new system and culture and at times unpredictable environment, while the employee although entering a new working environment will operate in a structured and more predictable set up.
The employees’ challenges are not being diminished in difficulty, but they all hinge on a continuation of the job skills required, whereas the stay at home partner will have to establish completely new patterns, having lost all the reference points.

At Paguro we believe that, given the right preparation, any person will successfully relocate in a foreign country and reap the benefits of doing so.
This positive outcome has a direct effect on the company’s results.
Through our program we will identify and consolidate each person’s strength and opportunities connected with the move abroad, while raising their awareness about their own weaknesses and threats in relation to the move and create the right approach to reduce their impact.
Paguro Expatriate Awareness Assessment defines the areas where each individual needs support or guidance with the scope to develop, through our "Going Global" workshop, a personalized working plan.

Families, who venture abroad for the first time, will receive a specialized approach.

The Family workshop is composed of two half-days. Follow up coaching both via e-mail and telephone (e.g. at scheduled intervals four weeks, two months, six months etc.) are available for families identified as needing further support to successfully accomplish their personal goals for their relocation abroad.

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