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Expat Ease

Paguro's solution for corporation to make every expatriation a success.

Expat-Ease is a dedicated, secure web-space conceived for HR to:

  • connect with their expatriates families
  • optimize HR time and increase family satisfaction

Expat-Ease provides companies with a cost-effective and efficient method of managing and connecting with their expatriate community, utilising a specially designed and dedicated extranet for expatriates where information is easy to access and the Paguro social network is only a click away.

The ‘critical mass’ established  by  Paguro, generates enhanced solutions to transfer-related issues (i.e. dual career, support-network, recreation of the comfort zone), not readily achievable by any single company. 

Corporate with expatriate contingent will find Expat-Ease an interesting and valuable proposition to improve each family's expatriation experience.

Paguro is looking for lead customers to pilot this unique model for mobility-related needs, which optimizes the performance and effectiveness of mobile employees by increasing satisfaction of their transient families. Companies will reap the maximum investment in overseas assignments and increase their expatriation success rate.

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