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TANZOT is pushing for higher visibilty and more exciting programs for its Houston membership

Tanzot handshake between  texas/us and australia The Australian New Zealand Society of Texas (TANZOT) was formed in 1982 by Australian and New Zealand residents in Houston. The goals of the society were to foster the friendliness offered by the Texans, provide opportunities within the business community for Australian and New Zealand companies, and to organize social functions.

TANZOT is primarily a cultural support group for Australians and New Zealanders who have moved to Texas, enabling them to settle into their new surroundings and keep in touch with expatriots here, and families at home.

Our events

We accomplish this with social gatherings such as an Australia Day / Waitangi Day celebration held together at the end of January each year, ANZAC day, the Melbourne Cup, a Christmas party as well as a weekly playgroup for small children and their parents, a monthly luncheon, various restaurant nights out, pot luck suppers, a summer pool party for children and adults, sports gatherings (Rugby, Cricket etc) and more!


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