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Should I stay or should I go?

Paul Allen new book is about to hit the bookshops. "Should I Stay Or Should I Go? The Truth About Moving Abroad And Whether It’s Right For You" is a must read for anyone consideing a move abroad.

Paul Allen has written an interesting and comprehensive handbook for people who are considering the expat life. Should I Stay Or Should I Go? is bursting with relevant information for people, who are considering an international move for any number of reasons.

The text is well written, amusing too and filled with solid data, which ranks the world’s top cities on a multitude of criteria to help one make an informed decision about one’s destination. Some may find the discussion of which is the best country to go to a bit too long or the wealth of statistic data overpowering, measuring too many things, but overall the book is comprehensively well researched with good data to back up claims.

This work is directed at a person, who is choosing or at least thinking about becoming an expatriate of their own volition, rather than one sent by his or her work to a job specific destination.  However, it would be useful to anyone who wants to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the expat life and what things one should consider if accepting an offer of expatriation too.

There are probing questions included at the end of each section to help one consider carefully the various factors pertinent to a move. These questions help one assess what is important or not and what one might be looking for in a destination, be it good healthcare, transport, available jobs or the necessity to learn another language. Coming to terms with what constitutes quality of life for you is a fundamental step when considering a move to a different part of the world.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? also provides useful links to websites such as the most comprehensive source of international cost of living index information and includes a wonderfully informative interview with Megan Fitzgerald, an expat career coach, who has years of experience building a career or business overseas and can help you do it too! 

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? is a must-read for anyone considering the expat life!