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Glo'Buzz April/May

Paguro newsletter - Issue #8 - April/May 2010 - To stay on top of everything expat

 Glo'Buzz keeps you up-to-date on worldwide events, travel advisories, news, information, and more!

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- Travel updates
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- Expat survival guide
- Learning english on the go 


 If you and your family travel often to and from  the UK or the USA , you migth be insterested in  enrolling in any of these programs to reduce  time clearing customs:

GLOBAL ENTRY USA  - A pilot program managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection which allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers expedited clearance upon arrival into the United States. Although this program is intended for “frequent travelers” who make several international trips per year, there is no minimum number of trips an applicant must make in order to qualify. To read more click here

IRIS PROGRAM UK -  A means of border control that allows registered passengers to enter the UK quickly through automated barriers at certain airports. It makes use of the fact that the pattern of the iris in each person's eye (the coloured part of the eye) is unique. This makes it possible for a person to be identified simply by looking into a special camera. To learn more click here


The most active areas of pandemic influenza transmission continue to be in Southeast Asia and West Africa. Limited data suggests that pandemic influenza activity may be increasing across parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Low levels of pandemic influenza virus continue to circulate across southern and south-eastern Europe and in East, West, and South Asia. Although pandemic influenza virus continues to be the predominant influenza virus circulating worldwide, seasonal influenza B viruses are predominate in East Asia, and have been detected at low levels across southeast Asia and eastern Africa.

Go to any of following links for more update about recent outbreak in your travel destination click here




The sharing of expat experiences continues, this time round we are learning about

Miami (Esperanza Stacey) , Chile Send in your article!


???? Robin Pascoe????


Moving is never easy, especially if you have to do it with kids and pets. One of the first step is to secure a place to stay, if only temporarily. Planning in advance is paramount to avoid ending up in the wrong side of town or in an unpleasant place. Looking for temporary housing can be easy if you have the right information. Are you moving? Then you might find useful reading Paguro's article on temporary housing. To learn more click here

Moving can be stressful on every member of the family, eventually  things settled on a nice routine, but sometimes this channeled in a negative way and a nice relationship suffers the consequences resulting in divorce on a foreing country, if this is your case

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Bank Holidays- April/May  


Don't forget to check for holidays, or events  that you want to be part of or avoid in the city  your are traveling to,  that migth interfere with your bussiness or pleasure.

To find out about holidays around the globe go to:



Country - date

Itching with curiosity about bank holidays around the world? Check this site



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Paguro Newsletter GLO'BUZZ - issue # 8 April/May 2010