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Hello I am Gabi

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

Although my full name is Maria Gabriela Corvalan Apestegui, I am simply known as Gabi. 

Originally I am from the state of Mendoza in Argentina, a worldwide reknown winery area. I say originally because, as an army brat (dad was an Army Officer), I started moving since I was born (may be even before!) and kept going ever since. 

My marriage to Eduardo, who has worked in the oilfield industry since we met, has kept me and my children on the move. Now teenagers, a 16-year-old girl and a 13 year-old boy they have lived...... 

Wherever I went I tried to work or keep active in the community and I have worn many hats. From Executive Assistant in an Oil Company to High School English Teacher, from Sales Manager in a Travel Agency to Volunteer in Charity Associations. 

I like languages and speak a few: Spanish (my mother-tongue), English, Portuguese and am still working on improving my French. 

My first "job" was as a volunteer in an expat association, for which I co-authored the Guidelines and have been active in it for more than ten years. I also volunteered at Medical Bridges in Houston and still recall with joy the highlight of that time when we were able to send two containers full of donated medical products to less fortunate countries. 

Travelling is a fun activity that I enjoy doing with my family, dancing, outdoors life, beaches, and of course sharing as much time as I can with my family and friends. 

Last but not least I like to make the expatriate community stronger by contributing what I can. I look forward to disclose the mysteries to current and future expat moving to Rio de Janeiro.