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How to thrive in your life abroad? Join the 10 weeks of Wisdom Expatriate Club. A simple and organized approach over 10 weeks providing you with strategies, personal development tools and motivational tips.

The Ten Weeks of Wisdom Expatriate Club is designed to inspire and help expatriates thrive in their lives abroad. Each week the members of the Club will receive a weekly lesson full of strategies, personal development tools, and motivational tips. These are some of the concerns that the lessons will address:

  • How do I adjust and manage change? What skills do I use to overcome frustrations of constant adaptation?
  • What do I do if I am feeling alone or rejected? How do I establish connections and friendships?
  • How do I find where I fit? Conserve my identity? How do I relate and belong?
  • How do I preserve my relationships at times of stress and overwhelm?
  • What do I do now that I cannot work? Where do I find myself again?
  • How do I deal with loss of financial independence and guilt around money?
  • How do I stay sane with so many changes and so many demands on me?
  • Where do I find my balance?
  • How do I fit back into my own country? How do I find that connection again?

Members of the club will also have access to the following:

  • A fully functioning FORUM where they can share their experiences
  • Regular feedback from the coach, leading the club
  • Q&A section where they can ask their coach questions
  • Once-a-month LIVE teleconference with their expat coach for an opportunity of one-on-one laser coaching
  • BONUS: a free access to the "7 Habits of a Happy Expat" on-line course ($14.50 value) for those who register for the club before December 1, 2010.

The cost of participation in this club is $25 for all ten weeks. That's right -- it's only $2.50 per lesson -- less or about the price of an average cup of espresso.