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Raising Bilingual Children, but how?

Parents who prepare to move abroad often are confronted with the bilinguism issue for their children. Rosario Then de Lammerskötter is providing a forum and a collection of articles on the subject.

Which are the advantages or raising bilingual children? Which are the disadvantages? What does bilingual education mean for parents? Where can one find a great variety of bilingual products?

Answers to these and many more similar questions can be found on the internet page of recently launched Raising Bilingual Children ( This page has been created with the purpose of accompanying parents in the task of educating bilingual children. Raising Bilingual Children offers to parents a platform of up-to-date information, a forum to interchange views, a blog, many links related to the subject and a great variety of products - bilingual and not - to stimulate the development of languages, especially in Spanish, English and German.

Raising Bilingual Children has two sister pages, in German the page Bilingual Erziehen ( and in Spanish Educación Bilingüe ( Each page contains reference to articles related to the language in which they are written. They are than more than simple translation, since each one has its own life.

These pages have been created by Rosario Then de Lammerskötter, Venezuelan lawyer, doctor in legal sciences of the University of Hamburg, married and resident in Germany. She is also mother of two multilingual children, who are growing speaking Spanish and German in a bilingual way and English to a smaller degree.

Raising Bilingual Children, Bilingual Erziehen and Educación Bilingüe give general information and guidance to parents who are thinking about educating their children bilingually. The pages also offer a general vision about what it means to educate in two or more languages, and it points to and summarises specialised literature in this regard.

Raising Bilingual Children, Bilingual Erziehen and Educación Bilingüe give support to parents who already are educating their children in two or the more languages. It alerts them about the possible risks and challenges and it offers them tips for the day to day life in a multilingual family. Also it maintains them informed about new studies and articles on the subject. The sites also offer to a parent different links to interesting pages about the subject. You can find a directory of bilingual and international schools, pages with stories and songs, pages of guidelines about multilingual education and therapists of languages. Raising Bilingual Children, Bilingual Erziehen and Educación Bilingüe also have a blog which discusses new developments or interesting articles or day-to-day experiences of the author. In the forum parents have the chance to interchange experiences and to look for advice of other parents.

Rosario Then de Lammerskötter recommends to parents who educate their children bilingually or who want to educate them in this way, to be proactive and knowledgeable about bilingual education, since the successful raising of bilingual children requires dedication, planning and creativity. The parents are responsible to put suitable resources to their children and give them inputs so that they can develop their linguistic qualities throughout the years. It is the parents who are required to react when difficulties in a bilingual education begin – so the more know-how you have the better prepared you are.

If you are interested in bilingual education do not miss to visit our pages!Contact: Rosario Then de Lammerskötter
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