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Paguro visits Malhia Kent

Paguro organizes a visit to Malhia Kent design headquarters located in the unique "Viaduc des Arts" of Paris

It was an interesting and multicultural crowd the one that gathered together to attend the visit to Malhia Kent workshop in Paris, the range of nationalities was impressive (hungarian, ecuadorian, maltese, sirian, french, american, english, italian, german, chinese...) as it was the background of the participants (costume designers, artists, specialist in fashion import/export etc...).

Malhia Kent the visitors

No one was ready for what they saw and experienced. It was so successful we have been asked to organize a new visit very soon, so if you missed it stay tuned for the next one.

Malhia Kent looms

Below is a resume of what learnt about the founder and the company, although nothing beats a visits on the premises.

After the visit a small group enjoyed a nice meal close by, L'encrier, and thoroughly appreciated its cooking, but time was short and we will need a second visit to try out the desserts.

Malhia Kent figurines

Malhia Kent The founder

Malhia Kent whose real name was Michèle Sorano, bought  in an impetus in 1961 a fabric making business and what initially was a hobby quickly became a passion. She applied her wild imagination and let it roam free to create new fabrics which she proposed to Coco Chanel in person.

Coco apporved of the fabrics and placed an order for a significant amount for the following day, a nearly impossible  task, but Malhia managed to fulfill it. From this encounter a long lasting friendship and collaboration was established that continues to this days and did bear many fruits, like the famed "fantasy tweeds" for which Coco Chanel is famous worldwide.

Soon after her name is associated with many other prestigious fashion designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Armani, Lanvin, Jean Louis Scherrer et bien d’autres encore…
To say Malhia, is saying Fabrics...
 A savoir faire which is still kept secret will allow her to create fabrics in cashmere, silk, and more like leather, feather, raphia, paillettes, ribbons, paper…
Malhia dies the 6 may 1998 leaving the company in the capable hands of Eve Corrigan.

Malhia Kent the company

A creative team consisting of 15 different nationalities, under the direction of Eve Corrigan (French - American),
Over 50,000 different samples in their archive of fabrics
Over 50 years of long term relations with artists, designers and fashion stylists of the world and the great couture houses of CHANEL, DIOR, GUCCI, PRADA, KENZO, YSL, RALPH LAUREN, CK, DKNY, VERSACE, VALENTINO, etc.
Malhia's digital loom enables Malhia to provide the customer with a unique design of their choice, and immediately.
A network of knowledgeable and expert agents in U.S.A., U.K., Spain, Japan, and throughout France.
Extensive knowledge regarding International Marketing and designers worldwide.
Administrative and design headquarters located in the unique "Viaduc des Arts" in Paris.

Malhia Kent
19, avenue Dausmesnil
75012 Paris
Phone: +33 1 53 44 76 76
E-mail:  [email protected]