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Mexico update

Marlies Abreu has returned to Mexico City and gives her update regarding the situation in Villahermosa

Some schools will start classes again on Monday 19th.

Some supermarkets  (the ones which did not flood) have reopened and you can buy quite a few articles. But they are guarded by the military.

You can already circulate in the city, off course not everywhere, since there is quite a bit of sand accumulated in many places and some still have standing water. But it is being worked on.

This is very bad, since Villahermosa is already a hot and humid place, imagine the danger of Dengue fever and cholera. All hospitals and some other places are giving vaccines to everybody against Hepatitis, influenza and tetanus.

Before leaving I asked at the centers, what are the articles being needed still, this was what I was told:

Powdered milk for babies and adults
Creme against diaper rushes for babies
Milk bottles for formula
Cremes and medicines against athletes foot, dermatitis, micosis and so on (since many people waded around in standing water, they have started building fungus on their feet)
Toilet paper
Soap, shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brushes, anything for personal hygiene
Canned food

But as I mentioned before, the rebuilding of the many houses, which mostly the poor people lost, will take quite a while. With all the help possible it is estimated that life will return to normal by March next year. That gives a good idea of how much damage Tabasco suffered.

The solidarity of  Mexican people is amazing. Everywhere gathering places have been established and people keep bringing everything they can to those places, pack it and help loading so the trucks or the military with their Hercules planes could take it to Villahermosa.

Nicole and I are continuing here in Mexico to help putting together what is still missing and helping in the "Gathering places" to pack the boxes and identify them.

Hopefully the help keeps on coming, because as I said, it is so necessary.

If you would like to help and wish to know more do not hesitate to contact me

Thanks to all of you