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Mexico is making progress

Marlies latest news on Mexico catastrophic flood

"The government has fumigated by airplane all areas of Villahermosa and surroundings this Saturday and Sunday to avoid severe epidemics of dengue, malaria and virus of Nile.

Because the water continues to dry away, the government believes that they can recover most of the colonies inundated by the end of next week.

Donors have continued their support. Several organizations here in Mexico City and us were able to send 10.600 cremes against athletes feet fungus to Villahermosa.

But now they need eye drops urgently, since a rush of conjunctivitis has appeared.

The community kitchens are still open, feeding those who have nothing. The water distribution continues as well.

Many streets and highways are partially destroyed.

As mentioned before, many people have lost everything and it will take a while before they can rebuild their homes. Meanwhile
people in Villahermosa accept clothing, which they wash and dry for those who do no longer have a home.

Also everybody who has enough left was asked to take play-goods to a gathering center, so that those kids who have lost it all, can smile again with a toy in their hands.

Quite a few supermarkets have reopened their doors and he who has money, can do some purchases.

People in Villahermosa are trying hard to go back to "normal", but the need for continuing support is still there.

Take care


For a video of the current situation in Villahermosa click here