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Emergency Mexico

Marlies Abreu is working as a volunteer to help the people who lost everything in the flood in the Tabasco region. Marlies reports on the situation and gives suggestions on where you may direct your donations.

Dear Fellow Expats,

the situation in Tabasco and Chiapas is beyond dramatic. It will take a long time before things will go back to normal, because too many people have lost their homes and everything in it.

Some mothers are still looking for their infants taken away from their arms by the strong waters while they were trying to reach safety. 

The water is receding very slowly, but there areas where the water is stagnant because it has nowhere to go, like the center of Villahermosa which has to be pumped dry and these will take weeks. For many months people will not be able to return to their hometown of Villahermosa.

Immediate dangers now are epidemics of dengue fever, cholera and other infectious diseases.
People need lots of water, powder milk, baby bottles, disposable syringes, medicines (even basic ones such as paracetamol, anti-diarreha), pampers, feminine pads, canned food, can openers, mosquito repellent, among many other things.

To see recent pictures of Tabasco here is a blog in Spanish which publishes them

There are many serious organizations, one of which is the Red Cross (Cruz Roja Mexicana click if you wish to donate and read Spanish, otherwise the translation below gives the details of the page content) which is doing its utmost to get the necessary supplies to Tabasco and Chiapas.

Whatever you can do, do it quickly, please!

Thanks for your help


Donations can be made to:
Fomento Social Banamex
Realiza tu aportación a la
Cuenta (Account No.): 23
Sucursal: 100
(to the name of) a nombre de Fomento Social Banamex

A nombre de Cruz Roja Mexicana, Institución de Asistencia Pública, en la cuenta (account number) 0401010115, de (Bank) BBVA Bancomer.

La Secretaría de Administración y Finanzas.
Ambas cuentas a nombre de la Secretaría de Administración y Finanzas del Gobierno del Estado de Tabasco.

aid for Tabasco