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Paguro will add Rio de Janeiro to the destinations in Paguro Local. Meet the author, Gabi Apestegui

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France Fast Lane for Frequent Travelers: Automated Fast Track Crossing at External Schengen Borders (PARAFES)

PARAFES (in French) stands for Automated Fast Track Crossing at External Schengen Borders. In accordance with European Union provisions, this system, which was approved by Decree dated 3 August 2007, meets the challenges of a modern and efficient administration in its service to the public. With this facility, passengers can, if they wish, cross the border using automated passport control. Using biometric authentication technology based on fingerprinting, this system makes it possible to carry out border crossing formalities simply, quickly and without any hold-ups. It is an extremely practical alternative to the manual controls used at present.

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Flu screenings for international travelers. For up to date information on the international health situation reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention organization or the World Health Organization check out the sites below:

CDC International Health (US)

CDC Vaccination Information (US)

WHO Health Report (English)

Rapport sur la sante dans le monde (Francais)

Informe sobre la salud en el mundo (Espanol)

Public Health in Europe (EU)

Health and Safety Recommendations: Japan
Damage to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant following the earthquake and tsunami resulted in a leak of radioactive material from this facility.The US Department of State and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommend that Americans in Japan remain at least 50 miles (80 km) away from the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.

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Health and Safety Recommendations: Uganda

On May 13, 2011, the Uganda Ministry of Health reported that one person died from Ebola in the Luwero District of Uganda. The patient, who died on May 6, 2011, had signs and symptoms of hemorrhage and confirmed infection with Ebola virus. At the present time, there are no other known confirmed cases. Want more information?
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Outbreak Warnings

June 7 – E. Coli outbreak in Germany

June 3 – Avian influenza in Indonesia (Update 5)

June 1 – Avian influenza in Egypt (Update 52)

May 27 – Hemolytic uremic syndrome in Germany

May 2 - Dengue in Tropics & Subtropics

March 18 - Polio outbreak in Tajikistan

March 1 - Rabies in Bali, Indonesia

Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network 
No one better than expats knows how small the world has become, especially when facing potential pandemic. In such events the response has to be swift and immediate and requires a concerted action of all countries.  This is what has prompted the creation of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network which involves many different organizations. Click here if you wish to know more, you can view an informative video in French and Spanish.

PAGURO SURVEY: The Things We Carry...

Everyone who ends up living abroad for an extended period of time eventually develops a list of items that cannot be found locally, but are considered necessary and included in the "survival kit" from home. "The things we carry..." is a survey aiming to find out the commonalities between people from the same country and compile a list of "missing items". Who knows, may be we can even influence the market to import those items for us! To take part in this survey click here!

PAGURO PROJECT-Fruits and Vegetables of the world

When we arrive in a new country, often we restrict our diet as a result of a lack of knowledge on the local fresh produce. Let's put a stop to it and compile a guide to fruits and vegetables of the world. With everyone's help, we are sure we will be able to shop assuredly anywhere in the world and expand the horizons of our culinary knowledge.

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Paguro Expat Know-how section contains a collection of selected expat knowledge of many people the world over on many aspects of expat living. 

Looking for an English school overseas? Check out Paguro's Expat Schools Directory.

Sucht sie eine Deutsche Schule? Sie kann Paguro's auflistungen von Schulen sehen.

Cherchez-vous une école française a l'etranger?- Consultez notre liste des écoles françaises.

Cercate una scuola italiana all'estero? Consultate la nostra lista di scuole italiane

Educating Expat Children

Schooling is one of the central issue for any expatriate family with school age children. What does the future have in store for these children's education? Sterling relocation has published a white paper on educating expat children and negotiating market trends and challenges. If you wish to download their white paper click here!

Bank Holidays

Itching with curiosity about bank holidays around the world? Check this site.


Jump Down Under: True Stories of Relocating to Australia
by Iain Ayres

Many dream of a new life Down Under. After all, who wouldn’t want to exchange a life of grey skies and the ready meals for one of spontaneous barbies laden with fresh seafood under a never-ending blue sky?

Read more Jump Down Under: True Stories of Relocating to Australia

Immigrant Nations
by Paul Scheffer
This book is a major reassessment of how immigration is changing our world. The policies of multiculturalism that were implemented in the wake of postwar immigration have, after 9/11, come under intense scrutiny, and the continuing flow of populations has helped to ensure that immigration remains high on the social and political agenda.

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The sharing of expat experiences continues, this time round we are learning about how Rula, a Syrian born expat, recounts her many moves around the globe and how her career in fashion and dress-making kept her passion going and her portfolio of skills growing. Learn more by clicking here!

Paguro Partners with ezetop

Paguro is excited to announce its new partnership with ezetop, a service which will allow you to easily stay in touch with family and friends around the world. Ezetop delivers reliable airtime to cellphones from many countries around the world. It supports more than 150 cell phone providers in over 60 different countries, and will allow you to directly transfer mobile phone credit abroad. 
To learn more about ezetop, the leader in international phone reloading services, click here!

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