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Fruits and veggies

Share the knowledge about fruits and veggies from your home or the countries you visited.

Let's expand the horizons of our knowledge of the edible.

The first time we set foot in a local market or supermarket of a new country the first impression is "what is that?"  and "where do I find MY ingredients?"

Inevitably we search for what is familiar in the shelves and market stalls which means often paying a premium (in some countries a heavy one) for these imported and "precious" product, if they are at all available, or in the worst case scenario, end up with a very restricted choice of ingredients and therefore a more limited menu.

Why we do it?

Because we know nothing about the local fruits and vegetables, we do not know how to use them, we do not even know how to recognize if and when they are ready for consumption, to judge if the fruit is ripe and juicy, if the vegetable are fresh and crisp.

Once we go past the selection process then the next puzzling question is: how do I use it? Raw, cooked? Which type of cooking is best and for how long? What recipe can I use?

Paguro wants to put a stop to this limitations and, with everybody help, we are sure to give you the chance to shop assuredly anywhere in the world and expand the horizons of our culinary knowledge.

Add a new fruit or vegetable now!